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To avoid spam, we've secured the wiki with a password: 123cobocards.

Let us know what you would like to see or what you miss in Cobobards. If somebody has already written what you wanted to say, just add a pink point like this one here behind the feature. But we can't guarantee you that we'll add a certain function, even if it's demanded often.

Wish ListRejectedImplementedProblems


  • Windows 8 APP
  • Windows Phone APP


  • answer to question format included on website
  • the same folder organization found on website (planned for v2)
  • create cards functionality on the itouch and android (planned for v2)
  • ability to rename flashcard sets on phone


  • Batch tagging of cards / ability to see tags in the 'all' view of cards
  • Search using boolean terms
  • Search by language
  • Nested bullet lists
  • Provide BlackBerry phone capability (similar to current iphone offering)
  • Provide a smart algorithm for testing intervals similar to other competitive products
  • Print several cards for content longer than default card size

Cards (Editor)

  • The possibility to embed audio and video in the cards. I'm music teacher and I think that it would be useful to my pupils. I love the collaborative tool, but I miss the audio and video integration.
  • When entering a set, by default, create a new card at the end or the begining of the set instead of after the card that you start on
  • After adding card, button to add another instead of going back to main interface
          *Or, when you hit the save button, it automatically saves the current card and opens a new blank one
  • Batch creation of cards / ability to create 5-10 cards on the same page quickly before pressing save
  • Standard keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+b for bold etc.)
  • Source code or fixed width font support


  • Tags for a whole set of cards


  • Open up the study section to guests (Study the cards, without log in and edit)
  • Study cards and stacks by tags
  • To see activity over the last week (time spent studying, cards known at start of week versus cards known at end of week)
  • Timed matching game
  • Sorting game (What category does this belong to?)
  • The ability to types notes on the side is nice when you're studying, but I want to be able to edit what I typed even after I see the answer. I find that correcting a wrong answer I have typed is very important to my learning


  • Be able to group friends in friends list
  • A tab for a whiteboard. With a forum and video and audio communication
  • Leaderboard


  • Possibility to print 8 cards on one page
  • If no bigger pictures are allowed, at least scale them to fill the whole card
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